Club 800 was born in the summer of 2019, stirred by the ideas of Luca Candela and Giovanni Mulassano.

The two coaches have known each other for a long time (the first had also been the coach of the second) and confiding each other the perplexity about methodologies, results and relationships with the athletes who now reign in Italy, decide to try to do something new, starting from scratch, to revive the true essence of track and field athletics.

Club 800, therefore is devoted in the search of an elevated technical standards highly from its mentors, also thru its techniques, tools & equipment that will be used in the pursuit of the best possible result; while continuing to maintain a humane, honest, respectful and friendly relationship with all athletes and family members!

The group has been undoubtedly strengthened even more with the arrival and participation of prominent figures in the world of local athletics. This brought experience and raised the technical degree of the team. Zouhaier Abdouli and Pina Torello have gained various experience as athletes first and then as coaches; reaching high levels of preparation and achieving both national and international results.

The Club's motto -"Exceed Your Limits", must remain the key for everyone to be able to get through daily demands in the track field; like withstanding life, because only this way we can all reach soaring levels and overcome our own challenges

Club 800

Xceed your Limits